It’s still the 21st Century and the World is already witnessing incredible and mindblowing technological projects that could really impact human civilization in a very great way.

Though the majority of projects have not been launched yet but on various occasions where they have been ventured,it has been very promising to the human race that technology will be lifting human civilization to a whole new level-scale.
Saying so,lets have a glance at a variety of projects that would really change and impact the world in an extraordinary way;

    Firstly,Neuralink; this is a brand new tech-project  by a technology advancement pioneer Elon Reeve Musk who is also the CEO of Space X a company that designs,manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. Neuralink is a project that aims at linking a human brain with Artificial Intelligence(AI)i.e machines and electronic devices,and its main aim is to enable humans to harness the power of artificial intelligence.

For start-up Neuralink created THREADS which are the size of a neurone which would be inserted into the brain with the help of robots so as to connect it to the machines.Tests have already been carried out on rats and primates with success,and the company states that they will be pushing to human tests as early as next year.The company hopes that ultimately the project will lead to brains having symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

Being succesful on human tests,users will be able to write texts on devices by just thinking them or move a mouse around by mind control,imagine that!
The company also states that,initially the technology could be used to help people who have suffered from paralysis and other physical disabilities.

Self-Driving Cars or Autonomous Cars;

  Due to daily technological advancements car manufacturing companies have comeup with the idea of manufacturing cars that are capable of driving on the road without intervetion of the driver.

Electrification,Autonomous driving and Connectivity are mentioned to be among the 3 factors that will shape the future of the car,electrification will solve the problem of air pollution due to non fuel combustion but also noise of current cars.Autonomous driving will greatly reduce the number of accidents,Connectivity will allow passengers to consult information(weather,road traffic e.t.c) and also alert passengers during the journey.Autonomous cars will be equipped with many sensors like ultrasonic sensors,cameras,and lidars enabling the car to perceive it’s environment.All data collected by sensors will be processed by software to make fusion enabling the car to observe it’s environment and detect other vehicles,obstacles,road signs and pavement limits,then artificial intelligence algorithms will decide what action the car should take like steering wheel,acceleration and applying brakes,wow!what a time to be alive with this invetion being put into reality.

Tesla a company run by Elon Musk too being among the companies that are working on this goal already has a complex model of an Automotive car that can perform a wide range of functions that dont need a drivers intervetion despite requiring the driver to take charge at some instances and they are still working on a car with full autonomy.

          5G Mobile Connectivity.

A variety of mobile companies have been working hard to ensure fast connection speeds to their customers and without overcrowding and good enough that has been brought into reality by the invention of 5G connectivity which is set to be launched in the near time.The availability of a 5G mobile connection is set to open-up possibilities for connected devices from everything beginning with home appliances to cars and gadgets that are yet to be invented.Among the companies that has worked greatly to make this happen is Qualcomm that has aimed to bring 5G to the market around the globe with it’s X50 chip which will be capable of download speeds up to 5Gb per second.


Blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information that is transparent,secure,decentralized and operating without a central organ.Generally,blockchain is a kind of digital data management protocol, a large,secure and transparent database.

In the latest Blockchain venture the most important functions of it were mentioned and they include the following;

Transfer of assets i.e currencies,securities,shares,bonds,votes e.t.c. and all that is done faster than the other transaction systems in a secure and transparent manner that can easily be traceable,what else would you want for transfer sevices?!

Also,blockchain is really useful when it comes to smart contracts.It consists of autonomous programs that automatically execute terms and conditions of a contract without requiring human intervetion.

Looking at the above tech-projects which are among the many others we can really come into conclusion that there’s rapid technological advancement and our tommorow wont be the same.

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