Gen z can now worry less as they can apply job interview via alexa or google assistant. McDonalds leads the way

McDonald’s today announced a new initiative the fast food chain is calling the “Apply Thru,” in which owners of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices can begin job applications using standard “Alexa” and “Ok Google” voice commands. The company is envisioning this as a way to give young people more ways to start entry-level careers at one of its restaurants, and that apparently extends to artificial intelligence-powered digital voice assistants
You can’t actually complete the application process using Alexa or Google Assistant. “After beginning the experience via Alexa or the Google Assistant, all they’ll need to do is answer a few basic questions out loud. They’ll receive a text, following their responses to these questions, with a link to complete the application process online. Simple as that,” reads McDonald’s press release. But perhaps if actually using a computer or your phone to start applying to a job at McDonald’s was too much of a hurdle, getting the ball rolling with a hands-free voice request might do the trick.
The initiative is part of a growing series of tech-adjacent efforts McDonald’s has made over the last few years designed to fashion it as a hip, millennial-friendly brand. The company has struggled over the course of the last decade with the rise of fast casual chains, healthier eating and dieting trends, and shifts in dining culture that have resulted in less late-night drive-thru runs and more mobile app ordering.
In response, McDonald’s has embraced the bold future fusion of AI, automation, and on-demand delivery. It’s also still playing up the nostalgic notion that a McDonald’s gig can be a pleasant, entry-level affair for young people — and not the type of job that seems ripe to be replaced by the very software and robotics advancements the company is betting the future of its business on.

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