Congressional law makers are draffting a bill to create a “national comission” at department of homland security to study the ways that social media can be weaponized and effectiveness of tech giants to protect user from harmful contents online.

The draft bill obtained by the washington post is considered to be introduced and considered next week. If passed the comission would be empowered with the authority to hold hearings and issue subpoenas-to study the way social media companies police the web and to recommend potential legistalation. It will also would create a federal social media task fors=ce to coordinate the government’s response to security issues.

The effort reflects a growing push by members of congress to combat online hate speech, disinformation and other harmful contents online, including a hearing held wednesday in which senate lawmakers questioned Facebook, Google and Twitter excutives to probe whether their platforms have become conduits for real word violence. All the three tech giants told lawmarkers

at the wednesday hearing that they have made progress in combating dangerous dangerous posts ,photos and videos- improvements they attributed largely to advancements in their artificial-intellgence tools. But som democrats and republicans in congressstill contend that the companies haven’t act aggressively enough. “i would suggest even more needs to be done and it needs to be better, and you have the resource and technology capability to do more and better,” sen.Richard said at the hearing.

Law markers have grown increasingly concern about the use of social media sites as conduits for violence and extremism, pointing to recent attacks including the mass shooting a Christ church in New Zealand.

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