6 dangerous android apps you should uninstall ASAP

Android user should be very careful with apps they download from playstore and perission they grant to them. This is beacause some apps contain malicious malware runing in the background.

Google removed Sun Pro beuty camera and Funny Sweet Beauty selfie camera , the two camera apps have about 1.5 milion downloads between them. With Sun Pro beuty camera have beeb in the store for about two year and Funny Sweet Beauty selfie camera has been there for about six months. The two apps apps have been found saving user adware along asking un neccesary permissions like recording audio.

Along these two cameras are four VPN apps , HotspotVPN,Free VPN Master ,Secure VPN and CM security Applock antivirus.

All these apps served pop ups ads to make up money. The ads used to continue running in the background interupting users and draining battery life. All this apps are also using tool that prevent the APK from being unwarapped and analyzed.

This is a news to remind us to check before installing some apps and if you see permission request you dont understand thnik first.

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