15 importants fact you should know about iOS 13

Few weeks after release of apple’s flagship phone Iphone 11 alongside Iphone11 pro and iphone 11 max the new OS , IOS 13 is now official available for users to download. Although some few bugs here and there you still have a lot of reasons to update to IOS 13.

Here are 15 reasons why.

  1. Haptic touch replacing 3D Touch
    3D touch is a pressure-sensitive feature introduced by apple since 2015 in Iphone 6S and Iphone 6S plus smartphones. In the new IOS 13 3D touch has been discontinued and Haptic touch takes the place. With Haptic touch you could use it to evoke an app’s quick action,preview notification, operate actions from the control center and “peak and pop” with certain apps without having to launch them.
  2. Optimized charging
    iOS 13 uses Optimized Battery charging to slow down the rate of battery aging by reducing the time that your iPhone spends fully charged
  3. Bluetooth and WI-FI toggle
    As up to iOS 12 you have to go to setting apps and tap on Wi Fi to find a new wireless network . Same applies to bluetooth. With iOS 13 press and hold the bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons in control center to switch directly between the devices without open settings
  4. You can now update your apps (those over 200mb ) via your mobile network ,Wi -Fi is not necessary again
  5. In case of files and folders. User can now zip and unzip files in Files app furthermore you can now create nested folder and move them arround without needing icloud
  6. Swipe typing is now enabled by default in iOS 13
  7. A new data saving feature enabled by default in setting helps when your celluar data is running low . It seizes app that uses data so you dont burst into large bills
  8. Eighth lets talk about Mail app
    The reply menu is now extended, preceded by Reply, Reply all, Forward and Print now there options to Move to junk , mark as unread and flag.
    In addition to that extended menu you can now mute and block in case your caught in unnecessary long conversation.
  9. The search function in messaging has now been improved plus you can search in individual conversation
  10. In notes list you can now share the whole folder rather than individual note.
  11. Are you always bored with many calls , some new strangers calling for nothing business. Worry less now you can mute all unknown call. All unknown callers are sent to voice mail.
  12. The Photos app now remove duplicate photos and screenshots from view
  13. Safari get enhanced with
    • auto dark mode
    • autosave and auto close
    • safari will now warn you if you choose weak password
    • Download location ; you will be able to decide if you want to save your downloads either in icloud or locallyin your phone.
    • Screenshots, if you take screenshot in safari and open preview it will give you option if you want to capture the whole page
    14 . Siri and apple maps was not forgotten
    • improve spoken direction
    • siri is now smart reminder that can recognize event in calendar and list and prompt you to set reminders if you have not
  14. You can now undo what you where typing by swiping right with three fingers on screeen.

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